I’ve been crocheting hats like crazy the last couple of weeks. So far, I’ve made two adult hats and 10 baby hats. There’s been a lot of concern about how many babies I’m having. Don’t worry, I’m having just one and only two of those hats are for my baby. The remaining 8 are for babies I know. And I still have a few more on a list to crochet.

The selection for boy colors in baby yarn is quite limited. There are a lot of pastels – and even “boy” colors in pastel still look quite girly. So I bought baby yarn in colors I liked, and then a couple I thought I could deal with for boys. (Turns out one is camo – I was hoping the dye would be in longer segments so it’d be more like shades of green…but it’s most definitely camo.)

I don’t know if any of the hats I made for friends’ babies will fit any of the babies, but I’m hoping they’re close. The parents can always re-gift or save it for a future baby if it’s too small, I guess! Albie helped out by modeling the hats – it sort of gives one a sense of size, too. Though I don’t have much sense of scale when it comes to babies who are 3 months old and babies who are almost a year old…

Multicolored with embellishments Neon with brown flower Pink and brown with flower and button

Blue and brown striped Camo and brown stripes Neon with brown stripe

See the whole set here.