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Busy Weekends

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

P1010052Last weekend, my sister graduated from High School. Pictures are here. (You should know she’s wearing super tall heels in the above picture.)

Dharma ColaThis weekend, we had our second LOST party, rewatching season five. Pictures are here.

Both weekends included a lot of over-eating and taking in too much sugar. Need to kick it into gear to make my June 19 goal.

News, News, News

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Big news this week in the Miles Rausch Family.

  1. House We’re moving. We’ll still be in Sioux Falls, though our zip code is changing. We’ll be tons closer to Miles’s work and many other places we frequent. Though we love the east side of Sioux Falls, we find ourselves traveling to the other side for food, shopping, entertainment, etc quite often. We weren’t looking to leave this side of town, just the right place happened upon us at the right time and it happens to be more centralized in town. We’ll be renting this house. It’s bigger in square footage, not TONS, but much more storage space which will make the living areas much more liveable. For instance, instead of a storage room with a bed in it (like our guest bedroom pretty much is now) we will have a guest bedroom. And the crap will go elsewhere. It’s two bedrooms, one bath, a sitting/living/dining room, (all wood floor, or maybe laminate, I’ve only seen it once and I didn’t pay attention to that), kitchen, and pantry on the first floor. And a large finished family room with fireplace and unfinished laundry/storage in the basement. We’ll have a garage and a yard. We’ll have a backyard for the first time in our lives. Well, besides when we lived with our parents. All the appliances will stay, including laundry and dishwasher. It’s a very nice home (with LOTS of windows) and we’re renting from someone we know and trust. We’ll send out our new address before we move to those who would want it, but we won’t be moving until the end of June or beginning of July. Pictures of inside to come eventually.
  2. My job with the City was supposed to end May 29. My supervisor talked to me on Monday and said there’s room in the budget to extend it for another month! While it may feel like it’s just delaying the inevitable, I’m thankful for more time to work at a place I enjoy, within my field, and of course, for the extra paychecks. This will prove to be helpful with any moving costs we’ll have in June and the little things we might need to purchase. (Like drapes for all the windows!)
  3. I also have good news on the job front for part-time during the next month and beyond that I don’t want to talk about too much publicly, as details haven’t quite been worked out yet. But it’s exciting and what I consider to be a big opportunity for both parties involved. Stay tuned, loyal MRF readers.
  4. Miles moved from his cubicle into a vacant office at work and we need to do some thinking on how to decorate it. This week, he also had good news at work that will make life a little easier, and all of this seems to have come with perfect timing.

God is good.

Feeling Lighter

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Honestly, it feels like Miles adjusts the scale every week so that when I step on it, I see the numbers I want to see.

But then he’d also have to be adding fabric to my clothes to make them bigger and going to the stores where I buy new clothes and switching the tags. He’s clever. But he’s just not that clever. And I’ve never seen him use a needle and thread.

So, it must be that I’m still steadily losing weight. My weigh-in this morning shows that I’ve lost 40.6 pounds! Because the loss has been so gradual, it’s only been recently that people who see me fairly often have noticed. Several coworkers have even taken notice and asking for advice.

You  might remember that I posted my weight-loss goals. I have since adjusted the last one, since it appears I underestimated my possible success.  The original final goal was to lose 50 pounds by Christmas. I changed it to be June 19, which some of you might remember was our due date. I think it’s a goal I can meet, but still need to work hard for because I’ve got 6 weeks to meet that and I’m not sure how easily this last 10 might come off. I’d need to lose about 1.6 pounds every week. But I will be working hard towards that goal!

After that, I’d like to keep going if it feels right. I will re-evaluate at that time. Thanks for all of your support. I will keep you updated on my progress!

Prom IMG_8118

The first photo was taken in May 2008 and the second in April 2009. I was about 5 months away from my heaviest in the May 2008 photo!