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Looks like Ma

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Since the day that Ian was born, whenever a friend or family member first met him they’d say something to this effect: “I can’t decide who he looks like.” Neither could we. And of course we’d get the ‘mailman baby’ comments (which I resent, even though I know it’s a joke). He didn’t look like mom, and he didn’t look like dad. Even if you visually dissected his face, no one could be sure whose nose he had or whose mouth. I’m still not sure on these things. But my mom sent me the following scan from 1987—a picture of me with my grandpa Leaders when I was 16 months old.

Me and Grandpa Leaders

Compare to these, Ian at 7 months and 12 months.

Ian with Great Grandpa

(Let’s all take a moment and wonder in awe at my grandpa’s hairline remaining the same for 24 years. Is that the same WATCH?! –No, I don’t think so.)


Certainly not identical, but finally there’s some resemblance!

With Mommy

Looking at us together, we don’t look alike, but comparing to the baby photos, we definitely do.

I can also now see the traits he has that aren’t mine — so I’m dying to find a picture of Miles that we can scan and compare.