My Unanswered Questions

While the rest of the world watches the LOST premiere event, I’m scanning in my questions from every season. If you don’t know why we aren’t also watching, you can refresh your memory from this post.

season 1 questions season 2 questions season 3 questions

season 4 questions season 5 questions-a season 5 questions-b

We wanted to re-watch all the seasons and journal our questions, but we didn’t think of it with enough time and realized we’d have to watch 6.5 episodes a day to accomplish it before the premiere – which just wasn’t feasible. So I went to Lostpedia and read the overview for each episode and developed my questions from there and memory. Each season progressively has more questions I want answers to. Some of these may be important questions, but most have probably passed their time of importance and I am the only one who still wants to know. In any case, you can read through them. It is not at all comprehensive. I know I’m missing major questions here, but they’re mine and you can have your own. I plan to cross them off as they get answered and see what’s left at the end of the series. After the fact, I found this article, which lists many unanswered questions (probably the important ones) and would saved me a little time (and hand cramps) with my list. Oh well. Maybe the island will reward me for my sacrifice.

I also have a page for season six, which will undoubtedly raise questions as it progresses.

season 6 questions