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Psst. You’re showing.

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

The nice thing about announcing you’re pregnant on the internet is you all don’t immediately look at my belly.

There were people sneaking glances at 8 weeks to see if they can see anything! I know I hadn’t gained more than a couple pounds and I certainly wasn’t close to “showing”. But what makes it bad is then I spend the rest of the day wondering what decision they came to. Do they think I’m showing? I mean sure, after losing all that weight, I’ve still got a little fat pouch that I wasn’t able to get rid of before pregnancy. Do they think my fat pouch is a baby?

So thank you, internet, for not looking at my fat pouch and making a mental decision one way or the other. I’ve got enough to be paranoid about.

For the record, I accepted this weekend that I am, in fact, showing. But only a teeny tiny bit, I’m only 14 weeks. The uterus is getting bigger and is moving and it has pushed out the lower part of my belly. I can tell, and Miles can tell, but I don’t know if others can. If I try on a maternity top, I look way more pregnant. Also, it turns out people are very generous when it comes to hand-me-down maternity clothes and early baby gifts. And that is wonderful.