Christmas Cards

We spend a lot of our time online, so why not rehash the year in the same way? This is our directory of digital Christmas Cards. This way you don’t have to decide when it’s okay to throw it away.

Christmas 2020

Walt Disney World shut down this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that didn’t stop three Rausch kids from trying to make their dreams come true. “I SPY Rausch Kids on Vacation” is our theme this year. Can you find Ian, Ainsley and Remy in our map of The Happiest Place on Earth?

View our 2020 Christmas Card here.

Christmas 2019

Have you ever had a moment where it seems like all the pieces of the puzzle of life just fall into place? That’s how we felt after we welcomed the newest member of our family: Remy Valentine Rausch. We lovingly placed the words necessary to describe our crazy, happy, momentous year on a beautiful grid… and then lost all the letters!

No, we’re just kidding. That’s not what really happened. What happened is that we built a crossword puzzle app from scratch where the answers are significant moments from our 2019! Enjoy!!

View our 2019 Christmas Card here.

Christmas 2018

Pop Quiz, hot shot! How well do you know the Miles Rausch Family in 2018? Take our Christmas Card Quiz. There may just be a special reveal about our little something new coming in April!

View our 2018 Christmas Card here.

Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas! The 2017 Rausch Family Christmas Card is here!

ESCAPE from the MAZE PLANET! It’s a text adventure where you play as Fruckles, a lovable alien pet who helps Kiddo and Sweets make decisions along their adventure.

Can you escape the maze planet? Will you turn around in shame? There’s more than one way out, so feel free to play over and over again.

View our 2017 Christmas Card here.

Christmas 2016

2016 was quite a year for changes for the kids: they both began attending a new school, they both began a weekly extra-curricular, and they both discovered Pokémon Go. Well, we pretty quickly knew what should be the theme of this year’s card: Rauschémon Go! Catch us all to learn what’s new in 2016.

View our 2016 Christmas Card here.

Christmas 2015

2015 was a year of growth for our family, both physical and emotional, and it was also a year for movies. The kids have both reached an age of cognition and bladder control that makes attending the cinema a fun family experience. They love movies, so it only made sense that we play upon the design and ideas of one of our favorite films from this year: Inside Out.

View our 2015 Christmas Card here.

Christmas 2014

It’s Christmas, 2013. The Miles Rausch Family suffers a grave tragedy when a novelty ornament is found missing from their Christmas tree. Later, it’s discovered smashed and shattered in a far corner of the room. Parents put Ainsley, the family’s two year old, in timeout for the crime. She says she’s innocent — though she can’t exactly be understood. But someone can, her older brother, Ian. The trouble is, his story doesn’t add up.

This is the story of Familial, our Serial podcast parody and holiday gift to you.

Visit our 2014 Christmas Card and click “Download” to listen.

If you aren’t sure what the Serial podcast is, you really should check it out. So good, you guys.

Christmas 2013

To look at the past year’s posts, you might think nothing happened in 2013. 2013 was a maintenance release for us: no new kids, no new jobs, no new dwellings. So what did happen this year?

For our Christmas Card this year, we welcome you to take a look at the numbers. We present a digital presentation to highlight the most important digits in 2013.

View our 2013 Christmas Card here.

Christmas 2012

2012 has been one we’ll always remember. Our lives are never dull with Ian, but this year we added another character to our family cast: Ainsley Ann. The two of them make quite the pair. He dotes over her; she struggles to survive. We didn’t stop with family updates, though. Both Holli and Miles changed jobs this year, ushering a whole heaping pile of new life experiences.

For our Christmas Card this year, we welcome you to play the game of life with us. Roll the die, draw a life card, and try to get your marker to the end of the board. Oh, and learn more about our 2012.

View our 2012 Christmas Card here.

Christmas 2011

2011 has been another crazy year, and our lives haven’t gotten any less hectic – or fantastic. One of our life-changing updates this year was the purchase of our first home. The process was certainly a roller coaster, but our love for the new home has not been. It’s already become a very major part of our lives, especially as Ian continues to grow up and explore his new home.

This year, for our Christmas Card, we invite you to explore our new home through the memories we’ve made there. You’ll see a few of the rooms of our house. In each room, you’ll find some Christmas ornaments. Hover on the ornament to see a video clip, photograph, or other memory that took place in that room. We promise they’re adorable.

View our 2011 Christmas Card source code here.

Christmas 2010

Dress Ian

It’s been an incredible 2010, and one little guy played a big part in that. Probably the biggest update to our lives in the past calendar year has been our son, Ian Greggory Rausch. Born on April 30th, Ian’s been through three seasons and a whole lot of outfit changes.

With a new baby in tow this Christmas, we’ve been so busy preparing for this special memory, that we forgot to dress Ian for our Christmas photo! Will you help us dress Ian? Choose from outfits based on real life events and lovingly illustrated for your enjoyment! Take some time to read about our year (and outfits), and thanks for playing!

View our 2010 Christmas Card here.

Christmas 2009



  • Works at the University of Sioux Falls as graphic designer
  • Finished her 1st semester of grad school and passed the Praxis II
  • Spends a lot of her time getting ready for Baby


  • Due to arrive around May 3rd 2010
  • Had better love dinosaurs
  • Doesn’t have much to say, but we do

View our 2009 Christmas Card here.

Christmas 2008

View our 2008 Christmas Card video here.