The Miles Rausch Family 2013

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2013 was a maintenance release for us: no new kids, no new jobs, no new dwellings. So what did happen this year?

Your subjects:

  • An icon of a man. Miles
  • An icon of a woman. Holli
  • An icon of a man. Ian
  • An icon of a woman. Ainsley

Let's take a look at the numbers!

This was a year for landmark birthdays. Ian and Holli made respectable progress, turning 3 and 27 respectively. Ainsley crossed into whole numbers, a feat celebrated with a catharticly destroyed cake. Miles reluctantly stepped into his third decade, a milestone made easier by the fantastic surprise party planned and executed by Holli. Then he got an iPad — not too shabby.

Subject Age
Miles 29
Holli 26
Ian 2
Ainsley 0
Subject Age
Miles 30
Holli 27
Ian 3
Ainsley 1

Gone are the days of Yo Gabba Gabba. Ian's current obsessions are Cars and Thomas (and specifically where Thomas talks). Thomas even made an appearance at Halloween, with Ainsley as Sir Topham Hatt. Holli discovered How I Met Your Mother, Miles exhausted all the Doctor Who he could find, and Ainsley had to endure it all. Here is what else filled our leisure time this year.

Entertainment Level
Doctor Who 40
Arrested Development 30
On Writing by Stephen King 5
Dubstep 6
Harlem Shake 5
Gravity 4
Battlestar Galactica 10
Entertainment Level
Doctor Who 18
Mumford and Sons 11
Scrubs 12
Parks and Rec 11
Arrested Development 11
New Girl 13
The Mindy Project 11
Entertainment Level
Thomas the Tank Engine 30
Cars 20
Cars 2 25
Dinosaur Train 10
Harlem Shake 5
Tangled 10
Entertainment Level
Harlem Shake 5
Doctor Who 30
Thomas 15
A Brief History of Time 10
Tangled 10

This year wasn’t all fun and games. Holli taught over 160 students in her GeoGraphics and art classes, many of whom now have severe crocheting addictions. Ian discovered "super heerios" and growls "Hulk SMASH" before pinwheeling his fists into your legs. Miles lost thirty pounds thanks to a gym membership and overly graphic articles on processed foods. And Ainsley transitioned to toddlerhood by learning to walk, an effort to keep up with Ian. Here are some of the other things that kept us moving.

Activity Value
Pounds Lost 30
Supers Heerioed 26
Years Married 5
Stories Written 4
Meals Grilled 26
Activity Value
Projects Crocheted 7
Projects Arted 5
Days Spent Staining Our Deck 8
Years Married 5
Weeks Gymed 17
Activity Value
Weeks Swimming 12
Miles Run (Estimated) 28
Autographs Written 16
Hulks Smashed 26
Activity Value
Weeks Walking 10
Infections Suffered 9
Spit-ups 13
Horses Ridden 3
Devices Used As Phones 17

If it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t upgrade it. Various areas, inside and out, saw improvements from a new van to a set of tubes in Ainsley's ears. Here are some of the areas that saw a shiny reinvention in 2013.

Upgrade Date
Town & Country January
Gas Grill May
Deck Furnishing and Staining June
Ian's First Bike July
Upgrade Date
Nest Thermostat April
Kitchen Table May
Keurig July
Ainsley's Tubes October
Miles's iPhone 5s October
Overhead Lighting November

Thank you so much for reliving our year with us. Now that you've made it to the end, let's give you what you really want: pictures of some stinkin' cute kids. This awesome photo was taken by Abby Bischoff of Flock Studio.

Merry Christmas from The Rausch Family

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Happy Holidays!