The Zoo

As a birthday gift from his mother-in-law this winter, Miles got a year-long family pass to the Great Plains Zoo. Miles loves animals. Ian got that from him. I’ve warmed up to the zoo in the past couple of trips, but I still didn’t like staying long at the tiger exhibit when she was so close to the fence this last weekend. I mean, if she was really hungry–what’s keeping her from tearing apart that chain link and taking my nummy child? NOTHING. She’s a TIGER.

But I digress. We’ve decided we like having the membership. Each time we visit, Ian is more and more interested in the animals and I assume that will continue for several years. It’s also nice that we can just decide one morning to go and only spend an hour there without feeling like we’ve wasted money. I don’t need to plan a whole afternoon of lunches, snacks and drinks. We don’t have to skip nap time. We don’t have to stay there with a cranky child just so that we’re getting our money’s worth. We can leave before the child gets cranky, even if that means only staying for 45 minutes. We can spend as long as we want at one exhibit (except when the tiger is close to the fence). We can go every weekend, if we want. As long as we are able to afford it, we’ll renew our membership there. I’m still afraid of the roaming peacocks though.

Bright sun

Dads and babies

Wanting out

Bears + camera face + terror? Best picture ever.


Finding his inner tiger

My favorite exhibit