Ian’s birthday party

With purchasing a house and moving and unpacking (more on this later) I’ve finally found time to post about Ian’s first birthday party on April 30. We held it at the house we rented and invited his grandparents and aunts/uncles. I figured this would be about the last chance we’ll have a “small” kid birthday get-together so I decided to keep the guest list small. (Especially with moving and packing and everything, I needed a little simplicity in our lives!)

The party was dinosaur themed and we decorated in blues and greens. We served pizza (though the birthday boy didn’t want any) and a layered cake I made the night before–again, nothing too fancy. Ian did a great job of entertaining everyone — he showed off his favorite game…throw the football, chase the football, scream. He scored in the gift department too. Dump truck, mini-basketball (now his favorite ball), cars, sidewalk chalk, coloring book, craft table, clothes, golf set, bowling set, lawn chair, water table, and a wagon (which can fit one or two friends!) Miles and I got him the little dump truck with shapes he can sort — we went small and were glad we did because of the generosity of the rest of his family! After he got the bowling set, he entertained everyone by knocking over all the pins…over and over! He had fun, but was tuckered out and napped well that afternoon!

Blowing out candle

Eating cake Eating cake

Cut cake Playing with bowling set

Opening gifts Opening gifts

Playing with toys Playing with toys


The rest of the set can be viewed here.