How we saved $200 on our dental bill


Our dentist was doing a promotion for Feeding South Dakota. For every can you bring in to donate in January, they will apply a $1 credit toward your dental bill. The credits will not expire. Talk about a deal! They called it the Souper Bowl (it ends the day after the Super Bowl), and it’s a great way to benefit those in need and save on your dental work.

Since we don’t have the greatest dental insurance, we’ve been putting off our dental work for a little while–hoping our plan changes this summer. After we saw this promotion, we decided to figure out how we could get the most for our money, while spending an amount we’re comfortable with. We figured out Sam’s Club had the best deals (Hunts tomato sauce came to about $0.63 per can, Hunts diced tomatoes came to about $0.67 per can and Green Giant sweet peas came to about $0.68 per can–Walmart’s best deal was $0.68 per can on their Great Value brand). So we ordered for in-store pick up (free) from Sam’s Club — 40 12-pack cases of the tomato sauce, 5 8-pack cases of the diced tomatoes and 10 8-pack cases of the peas (we could have saved a few cents doing more diced tomatoes–or all tomato sauce–but it just seemed like a lot of tomatoes to me, so I chose more peas since the savings were small.)

In total with tax, we paid $410 for 600 cans ($600 dental bill credit) which will give us a savings of $190 on our next bill AND help feed families in South Dakota. Win!

 Update 02/01/2012:

Here’s an article from the Argus Leader on the event.

Here’s a picture they posted (our cans are in front) on their Facebook page. Five days left and up to 3500 cans. (click the picture to go to their FB post)

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