Trick or Treating

Last year we did not trick or treat because Ian was not old enough to really enjoy it and we didn’t have much of a desire to go out and about carrying a baby around the neighborhood. So this year was Ian’s first time trick or treating. I knew he would not tolerate a full-body costume, so we come up with something simple: a Gryffindor wizard (from Harry Potter). Once he understood the ‘ritual’ of trick or treating, he seemed to enjoy it. His first attempt at Miles’s aunt Karin’s ended up with him giving his pumpkin bucket and wand to her, though! That was cute. He doesn’t really talk yet, so no “Twick or Tweat” from him this year, but he did sign ‘thank you’ to most of the people we visited.

Ian, Gryffindor WizardI made his costume; stick for a wand.

First trick or treat outingHeading to our first house, Great-aunt Karin’s. (Maybe a first-house annual tradition?)

WaitingWaiting for her to come to the door.

He handed Karin his pumpkin and wand She gave him a piece of candy, he gave her his bucket and wand. Fair trade.

Sorry Karin, his pumpkin is empty!Karin’s quite happy, despite it being an empty bucket.

Taking his time deciding what to chooseGreat-aunt Shannon helping Ian choose his candy.

Scared of the robot spiderSometimes Ian got scared. Like from wolf masks and spiders on sides of houses.

Second house My favorite picture of the night.