Things I’ve Learned as a Mom

Look ma, no arms!

As I end my last week on maternity leave, I’d like to share just a few things I’ve learned so far as a new mom:

  • A smile from my baby can literally turn my mood around. Sometimes, even the opposite of smiling can.
  • Not all babies take a pacifier.
  • Everyone warns about labor but no one talks about recovery.
  • His little noises and finger-holding during feedings will be my favorite memories of these first few weeks.
  • Babies get toe jam. Somehow.
  • Thankful that I’m not doing this alone.
  • Vacuuming can (and will) be put on hold. For weeks.
  • My baby sleeping on my shoulder is one of the best feelings in the world.
  • I worry about if my son will be teased in school, or worse, will be the teaser.
  • Vomit, pee and feces ain’t no thang.


More photos can be found on my Flickr page or Miles’s Flickr page. More video can be found at our YouTube channel.