We worked on the nursery this weekend. I decided I wanted to paint a wall, based on the colors in our nursery bedding/paintings I did. So we got paint. And I painted the wall.

Wall, before Wall, after

Then we decided we were going to buy the crib this weekend too. And assemble it.

Dino crib

While we were at Target, we noted that the Pack n Play we were planning to purchase was in stock. So we bought that, too. And figured out how to set it up.

Pack and Play

I had purchased a car seat earlier in the week, so we unboxed that.

Car Seat

All while rewatching season five of LOST.

Then last night we hung up the canvases I painted over my Christmas break.

Baby dinos and leaf Baby dino

You can see the whole set on Flickr. The only pictures that show the most accurate color for the wall are the ones with the canvases on the wall. The others look really bright. If I were to change anything on the paintings, it would be the triceratops. He looks goofy and has no neck. But, he looks the same on the bedding of which I was basing it off of, and I didn’t want them to not match. I guess we’ll just be teaching our son that even goofy looking people belong.