After-Christmas Christmas

Well, since the little lady posted about her post-holiday purchasing, I’ll do the same. I made a special Wishlist in Amazon that I used to collect, ruminate over, discard, and, eventually, purchase my items. I finally concocted a collection (nay, plethora) of presents that came, with shipping, to $96.97.

The List:

Most surprising, I think, is the fact that I didn’t purchase any PS3 games. I’m as surprised as you are! There certainly are such games on my list, but I feel like I need to complete a couple more of them before I go purchasing additional ones. Also, time is a factor, as video games can benefit from multiple days’ momentum. Case-in-point, Bryan Johnson was kind enough to lend me, by way of driving to my house and handing to me, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. I have yet to drop the game in and play a level. Now, that might change with Holli’s class schedule, since it’ll give me a fair chunk of down time on Tuesday evenings, but I still can’t feel justify purchasing a whole new game with what I currently have available to me.

Also surprising is the lack of music on the list. There was an mp3 album I had in mind, but the shipping pushed me past the point of purchasing it. However, I’ve been nickel-and-dime-ing (I mean, ninety-nine cent-and-one-dollar-and-ninety-nine-cent-ing) my way into a respectable amount of new music lately. Much of that new music is reflected in I’m the John. It’s more than that, though. I find it harder and harder to buy albums of music. My favorite bands, certainly, will get a full album purchase, but it’s so easy to listen to new music that I don’t need to own it. I can fire up any number of music services, some of which the artists, themselves, may have uploaded to, and play whatever hot new song or band is coming out. This is free. Those songs I can’t live without, get a $.99 purchase from iTunes or Amazon MP3. The rest get forgotten.

Also absent were baby items. That’s because Baby Rausch got his own financial and physical gifts this Christmas, which he has yet to thank anyone for.

What did you guys get for the Holidays?