I first heard of Animoto from friend Bryan. He was wondering if I’d recommend it for camp to use for slideshows. I was obviously no help. (End of my bad introduction paragraph.)

I’m in grad school right now to receive my M.Ed. in Teaching. I will be certified to teach K-12 Art if all goes as planned. One of my classes this semester is called Teaching and Learning with Technology. In this class we are learning a lot about different technologies we can incorporate into our classrooms. For a final project, we are to work in pairs to explore a particular technology tool and present it to the class, along with a how-to handout for our classmates to keep and refer to when they’re in the classroom. Well, my partner and I chose the Digital Photography category which just happened to have Animoto as one of the topics we could present on. (It has a great option for educators to apply for unlimited videos for them and their students. Awesome!) So I’ve been reading and messing around with it for about a half hour and it’s pretty sweet. It took less time to make the video than it did for it to render. And even then, it took about 5 minutes to render.

I thought I’d share my sample “messing around with Animoto” short. I’ll be making something a little more polished for the presentation. This is of little Anna, who we used to babysit, two years ago. Miss her.

(Also, I know. It’s been over 2 months. Get over it.)